WildStar Video: If you missed the Adventures livestream, get caught up today!


Carbine had another livestream this past Saturday about Adventures, and if you missed it, you can catch a replay of the stream below. Don't forget to follow WildStar on Twitch to get notices of when they go live. You can find their profile on Twitch here!



  • #1 SoSub

    What I'd really like to know.. Will Carbine reset accounts once game is fully released or will we continue where we left off from Beta? Thanks

  • #2 ahamling27

    They will certainly reset everyone. I've never heard of a subscription MMO let you carry your characters from Beta into the Release. That only happens on Free-to-Play games that have really long open betas. Even if WildStar has an open beta, they'll still reset everyone prior to release.

  • #3 HappyFeetHS

    i heard that they are going to wipe accounts before open beta turns into the official release


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