WildStar News: Engineer and Medic Classes Revealed Today!

UPDATE: Carbine has released the Medic class drop page, providing more insight into this new class. Check it out here!

The Engineer and Medic have been announced as the final two classes. Check out the Medic DevSpeak video below and the Class Flick below that. We've also got the disclaimer slides ripped out and in a gallery so you don't have to work to see them. Enjoy the massive info drop!

DevSpeak: Medic

Gallery: DevSpeak: Medic Disclaimer Slides

Gallery: Medic

Gallery: Engineer

WildStar Flick: Classes


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    I want to start this positively. I want this game badly and it seems like it will be amazing and fun to play. 

    K, that being said, Medic?

    I've been looking around to see reactions and all I've seen so far is ... not good. Its still a little early for sure but I am going to have to agree that its... not an enjoyable looking class at all. The dev speak talks about active play in its video, and then goes on to say that they set up 'stations' of damage and healing.  Which part of a "station" is active? The word itself removes the ACTIVE part all by itself.  I appreciate the ability to pop it and have it heal/dps but it still a non active portion of combat other than setting it down, and then picking it up essentially.  I see the other abilities that are part of active play, and not to take them away from it, its not all stations, but stations are not a good plan for this game.

    Its probably much too late in the game to makes changes, and I understand all the dev time that went into the class, and hey maybe it makes a great landfall and people love the class.  But if I was a dev I'd start making plans for another class to come out ASAP.  Having only 6 classes is a downer enough, having one of them be not only unpopular but, at the very least, Somewhat, against the 'active' play style, makes it a bit worse.

    Again I'm super excited for this game and I have full faith in this game even with the Medic in it.

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