WildStar Wednesday: New DevSpeak video on Warriors

Carbine released their next DevSpeak video today, and if you saw their latest Vine you'll know it showcases the Warrior class. They've also teased that their next WildStar Comic will be out soon and best of all, they'll be having another Ask-Me-Anything(AMA) on the WildStar subreddit tomorrow! Check out the video below and comment about it in the comment section or in our forums!

Quote from Team WildStar

Carbine Studios is thrilled to share its newest addition to the DevSpeak video series – a reintroduction to the Warrior. Showcasing the Warrior’s unique mechanics, strategies and design, this video will surely convince you to play as a close-range, brute-force brawler. With heavy armor, atomic energy and high-tech weaponry, the Warrior is a fully-loaded bad ass that won’t let anyone – or anything – stand in its way.

Check out the Warrior class page here!

Check out this page for Carbine's plans for the week!



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