WildStar Wednesday: San Diego Comic-Con

Carbine is getting ready for this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con and they're taking this WildStar Wednesday to relay to us what they've all got planned. It's going to be a jam packed day this coming Friday, July 19th, and a ton of new info should be pouring in as the day rolls on.

@Team_WIldStar has been spending some serious quality time planning our presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We’ve got a panel! We’ve got an Arkship event! We’ve got a party! We even have special Nexian cocktails as created by one of our very own community members from WildStar-Roleplay.com, Chemical Cutthroat, aka Qizzer!


Check back here this Friday to catch the latest updates as we report on what's going on at the San Diego Comic-Con! Also, follow the link below to get a good schedule of events from Carbine themselves.

Click here to read the whole dev-blog post!


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