WildStar Uplink Analysis: How do you plan to use your house?

Carbine got a quick jump on the Uplink Analysis this morning, and following the subject of this past WildStar Wednesday, it's all about player housing. 

The last WSUplink question was: "Player Housing is something we're very excited about, but how do you plan to use your house on Nexus?"
Below are some of your responses:

Quote from Toph_Monster

Social gathering for guild, social gathering for friends, place to craft and such, and a great RP hub!

Quote from Zilvoran

Going to build a rowsdower plushie fort in it, because Rowsdowers and forts are cool.

Quote from roga9869

An high-tech and contemporary house, filled with heads I will display as trophies.

Check out all the community responses here!

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