WildStar Video - DevSpeak: Aiming

Carbine released a new DevSpeak video today explaining their free-form targeting system that's essential to the combat in WildStar. Check out the video below.

Of course their's quite the lengthy set of the usual disclaimers and you can check out each of the disclaimer screens in the gallery below; there's nine total screens so click 'Show All' so you don't miss any.

Gallery: DevSpeak: Aiming Disclaimer Slides

Of course this wouldn't be a proper DevSpeak video without the infamous Rowsdowers, so make sure to watch the video all the way until the end. Let us know what you think of the latest video in the comments below! 



  • #3 MJayMor

    I was really looking forward to this MMO. It was going to be the next MMO I was going to hang out in, then I came across this little thing called "Free Form Targeting" and my interest has gone from "Why isn't this out today?" to "Ok, what else is out there".

    Changing the way an MMO works? How well has that worked for other MMOs out there? Not very well. I know they are not going to change their mind in this Free Form Targeting idea of theirs, but here at least give the option to use it or not to use it and if they don't oh well the next epic MMO will be out soon enough.

    I think it maybe fun, something new to try out in a single player environment, but when pugging there will be nothing but raging about how so and so keeps missing their target. Pugging will be hurt


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  • #2 Geeri

    I agree, I'm looking even more forward to healing in this game now! I can imagine that it will give some "problems" though, where people simply run out of anything that would otherwise benefit them. But then again - I imagine it's probably very easy to spot a good player with these systems.

  • #1 Voison

    This is what I've been waiting for!! This is going to make healing so much fun.

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