WildStar Wednesday: Game Jam

WildStar Wednesday is upon us and Carbine is sharing with us this week what they call a Game Jam. Mr. Claveau explains what that means below.

A Game Jam is a chance for we designers to stretch our legs creatively. It is an opportunity for us to try designing new things, things that we may not get a chance to handle in our day-to-day routine. We come in on a Saturday with a broad task at hand, and spend the next 8 hours working in small teams to create something fun and playable from start to finish.

Each Game Jam we try to tackle something different. We strive to ensure that a Game Jam isn’t just: “Hey, come in and do your normal work, but on a weekend!” We want to try our hands at tasks we normally wouldn’t attempt because it is not part of our day-to-day jobs.

Even with the overly abundant use of the word 'jam' and it's brothers like 'jammening', it's a nice peak into what Carbine does to make working on their game even more fun. I'm sure some wacky things make it into the game because of their Game Jamming and I can't wait until they have some examples they can show us.

Read the post at the official dev blog here!



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