WildStar News: Meet the EU Community Team!

Carbine has put together an EU Community Team and took the time today to introduce them to us. They're housed in NCsoft’s Brighton office in the UK and you can catch a glimpse of them below.

Melanie “Elkina” Corolleur will be leading our EU effort as the Community Team Lead and she will be assisted by Mark “Anlath” Hulmes and Akli “Youmukon” Amichi, respectively UK/EU Community Manager and FR Community Manager.


The team is still missing their German Community Manager; think you have what it takes? Check the job description out and act accordingly!

Wanna follow them on Twiiter? Then follow these links! 
@CRB_Elkina @CRB_Youmukon @CRB_Anlath

Read the entire post at the official dev blog here!



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