WildStar Wednesday: Stress Test Postmortem

The beta testers from the previous Stress Test Weekend must have done an amazing job, apparently, the game broke within the first couple minutes. While that might sound like bad news, and Live Producer Craig Turner probably lost some hair because of it, it's exactly what Carbine was looking for.

Within 2 minutes of flipping the switch to turn the stress test on, I was literally running through the hallways at the office. There was not going to be a slow ramp up of users, oh no. We were at critical mass almost immediately. It was awesome.


Carbine is pleased with the amount of information they received(read: gigs upon gigs) but I'm sure it was a pain for those testers who just wanted to get in and play. I'm confident they'll get all the kinks worked out before the next stress test weekend, that or they'll just find more kinks they'll need to iron out. Read the entire blog post at the official site at the link below; Carbine goes into quite a bit of detail about what exactly went wrong, and of course, they want to thank all the testers.

Click here to read the blog post on the official site!



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