WildStar News: The Economic Game

Carbine release a ton of new info about the economy of Wildstar today. Senior Systems Designer Charles Durham explains in meticulous detail what an economy is in an MMO and how they are trying to make it fun.

Quote from Charles Durham

I hope this brief overview of WildStar’s economy has been entertaining. We hope to give the players plenty of things to do with the currency you find, and have a good time spending it, hoarding it, or swindling it from each other.


It's a tough sell for sure, economics isn't exactly a fun thing in it's own right, but at the same time, MMOs try really hard at making it fun, or at the very least, manageable. What do you think? Are gathering professions or just grinding for gold things you enjoy or is it just something that goes hand-in-hand with the genre? Let us know in the comments below! And to read the entire post, click the link below.

Check out the entire post on the dev blog here!



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