WildStar Feature: Fanart

This week's WildStar Wednesday has hit a road bump, as Carbine has stated the Internet isn't working at their studio. So let's fill that space with some good ol' WildStar Fanart! It's been a while since the last fanart showcase so let's dive right in.

FateFlyer's WildStar Original Characters

Quote from FateFlyer

Yay, finally finished! These are my WildStar characters whom I absolutely fell in love with as I drew them. (See the drawing process here: [link]) The background is a beauitful screenshot from in-game!

Evion's Faces of WildStar - Kurik Lein

Quote from Evion

Hurrah! Third commission down, and I am pleased with how he turned out! This one is a commission for Kurik of the Wildstar Central forums, of his Draken character.

Victor De la Cruz's Bloodraptor Drakenized

Yeesh! Pulled an all nighter for this one! It is a very special and important piece because this is Bloodraptor Drakenized!

Spencer's Phineas T. Rotostar

Quote from spencerBAXLEY

Oh haaaay, just Phineas who you may see in an up and coming project! ;)

Thanks to all the artists! They produce some wonderful WildStar fanart and I hope they all continue to do so. We'll have another fanart feature in the coming weeks, so if you want to be featured, throw your fanart in the forums here!



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