WildStar Wednesday - Black Ops: Missive From The Field

This week, Carbine's looking into the data that they are receiving from the closed beta that began just one short week ago. Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney shares some great accomplishments in only a weeks time, including working addons...

Quote from Jeremy Gaffney

We had the first User Interface Addon created by a fan for the game within 24 hours of opening the world up. Oh, and we didn’t provide documentation, so tester Packetdancer made their friend-finder UI in that timeframe just by digging through the code for our own UI (we’ll provide documentation eventually, we swear - but we haven’t yet).

Gaffney also pointed out that Poptart, an Aurin Esper, was the first player to show up to Nexus in the beta launch last week. So from WildStar Forums, we'd like to honor Poptart for their awesome achievement! Cheers!

Get all the details about the first week of beta here!

*Special thanks to forum user Synthetic for the new header artwork! Thanks!! :D



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