WildStar Wednesday: The Beta Has Begun!

Carbine has announced that beta invites are now going out. Keep in mind that beta participation is under a strict NDA and any breach of that here on the forums may constitute a ban from the forums.



  • #8 Anfon

    MUST TEST GAME. I've been waiting for decent player housing since star wars galaxies

  • #9 ihave1arm

    Quote from Anfon »

    MUST TEST GAME. I've been waiting for decent player housing since star wars galaxies

    i miss original galaxies :( best game evar!

  • #7 ratonex

    hey! where is my beta key

  • #6 BeatEvo

    Oh wow!

    Gimie gimie gimie!
    I heard that the beta was out, but I didn't believe it until now. Man o Man would it be an early Christmas to get in on it! Great job guys. This is really 1 anticipated game!

  • #5 darthuser7001

    Hope to get into the beta and help make this game great(est), need something else then school to do :) And yeah, I do know that beta-testing is so much more the playing the game, have worked for SEGA with QA

  • #4 Tharzor

    NICE! I`m looking forward to the release, but It would be great to join the BETA, cause I want to help evolve this game, report bugs and other technical issues if you let me. I see great potential in this game, Im going to preorder it anyway. I got alot of experience with BETA- testing, Its up to you if you want me to participate in this beta test

  • #3 ssj782

    Personally, I would like both. I've been salivating for this game, and I don't mind bugs in any new game. The more people that actually report them, the sooner staff can find out about them.

  • #2 WildstarEdward

    Just means that we might get to see a Launch coming soon if all goes well.

    I would like to add that Beta testing is for testing first and foremost. If you just wanna play it, want for the launch.

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  • #1 Rykal

    Great news, may the luck be with you (and me :) ).

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