WildStar News: A new [redacted]? The Dregg

Carbine released a PAX East press packet today and as other sites have noticed, there seems to be some concept art of a race enemy?/ally?/NPC? called the Dregg. We believe this is the 4th Exile race as the Exile personality video showcased an arm that was stitched up, as well as a sneak peak at the fourth race in some sort of stasis chamber that covered their whole body. @Team_WildStar on Twitter all but confirmed that this was speculation as seen below.

Below are the pictures we uncovered and you can judge them for yourselves as to what exactly the Dregg are. The Dregg concept art was in a folder labeled "CrimsonIsle", which is a new region, and the housing pictures were all in a folder with other Exile housing concepts, no Dominion housing concepts were included.

Below is a gallery of all the housing concept art. There's Aurin, Human, and Granok housing concepts as well as furniture. Enjoy!

Gallery: Housing Concepts

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  • #6 Bluewolfgamer

    I have actually seen an in game screen shot of this race.  Unfortunatly I cannot remember exactly where I had found it.  I'll have to look around again and post it.

  • #5 Fb62

    Odd that it says "heavy type" right? Well maybe the heavy type is an npc, and maybe there is a lighter type thats going to be the next playable class.

  • #3 Kurik

    Whether they are playable or not the Dregg look pretty interesting. :)

  • #4 ahamling27

    I know right? I love me some zombies and this guy looks like a great zombie type of race. Oh well.

  • #1 ahamling27

    It's interesting the one with the file name Concept Granok House 2 is actually labeled Human Furniture in the actual concept art. XD

  • #2 spencerBAXLEY

    I think it might be just to show people that you can mix and match regardless of race? It's a Granok style house with human elements?

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