WildStar Feature: Fan Art

The last week or so we've had a very nice influx of fan art here at WildStarForums.com. So I thought I'd show off some of these amazing pieces of art. Some of these artists have much more to see in their threads, so don't miss out!

 artofbartlett is up first with an awesome drawing! Check out his thread here.

Evion's inspiring work is up next! As I said earlier, this is merely a preview, Evion's thread is chock full of great WildStar fan art.

moskvitchok's work kicked off the fan-art section of the forums. Check out his thread here, where you can share your Exile fan art.

spencerBAXLEY's fan art is minimal yet strikingly WildStar. Check out the thread for "Dominion. Galactic. Diplomacy." here. And check out his Kit poster titled "Bring. It. On." here.

And finally, I owe Guidestar a ton of gratitude for supplying the community with his WildStar logo font art. Check out his thread where you can also download the font as a PSD.

Thanks to all the artists for their continued support and I think I can speak for the community when I say, we can't wait to see what's next!



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