The Races of WildStar: The Known and the Unkown

The world of Nexus is a vast unknown world, and that's exactly what Carbine, the developers of WildStar, want. Information is a valuable commodity in the world of video game previews, but for the consumers, it's never enough to only catch a glimpse. We've known about a few races in WildStar for some time and today we're going to delve into what you might and might not know about the different races in WildStar.

The Exiles

The Exiles were the first faction we got a glimpse of, and Carbine was kind enough to share with us three playable races. Follow this link to read all about the Exile Accords and how they came about the planet Nexus.


Of course there is the venerable Human race. A faction of the humans started to protest against the oppressive Dominion, led by an Admiral turned Rebel, they tried to take back their home-world of Cassus but were unable to topple the mighty Dominion force. Once the rebellion knew they were outmatched, they fled away in a warship converting it to what they now call an Arkship, hoping to find a new place to call home. You can read the whole story of how the human Exiles came to be here.


The Granok are a kind of rock based species and tend to be mercenaries. As is the theme with all the Exiles, they've been exiled from their homeworld of Gnox and hope to make a home on Nexus. They didn't have much technology before they were kicked off of Gnox, instead they were a tribal culture that live by the "Way of Stone". You can read all about where the Granok come from and how they were exiled from Gnox here.


The Aurin  never knew life outside of Aboria and they lived a symbiotic life with the trees of their planet but it all changed when the human rebels showed up. While only having the best intentions, the human rebels knew that they couldn't stay on Aboria and left after trading technology for food and water. But once the Dominion caught word of where the rebels had been they started an all out attack on the planet Aboria. The Aurin called for assistance from the rebels and soon they were apart of the Exiles fleeing their home-world, looking for a new home among the stars. A much more detailed version of this story can be found here.

The Dominion

We don't know much about the Dominion other than what has been revealed through the Exiles back-stories. We know that they seem to have started as the government of the human race on Cassus, and that they have grown into a much larger military complex since then. Assuming that what they did to the Granok was done to other planets, they must have gotten other races to comply and join their ranks, thus providing other races that joined their forces.


From here on out it's all speculation, but the WildStar community has unearthed some good possibilities.


Thanks to an awesome, AMA(ask me anything) on Reddit, Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney confirmed there will be a gender-less race to choose from. Of course this brings up even more questions that have since been left unanswered, like who or what this race is and whether they'll be a part of the Dominion or Exiles. It's been wildly speculated that they'll probably be Dominion and either some sort of android or robotic race. Whether or not that is the case only time will tell.

Reptilian Race

We have a screenshot of a sort of Reptilian race that can be seen in the image below (thanks to forum user KurikLein for pointing that out, found at this blog entry). KurikLein also points out that they're wearing red armor and have red banners that match some red tanks that seem to be a part of the Dominion. That's about all we have to go on but KarikLein supports this with evidence from the Friends and Family video that also show them here.

Other Possible Alien Races

KurikLein also pointed out some other types of alien races that he found in some concept art. In the image below we see not one, but several races among the lone Granok that can't be named as of yet.

Carbine, please tell us more!

Carbine has been very quiet about the rest of the playable races in WildStar. They have said that more info is coming soon (read: no set time frame) and the community is biting at the bit to learn more. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more articles as we outline the classes and paths in upcoming features.



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