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    Hi guys! This is where I'll share my Wildstar-related art pieces. Since I have several already, I'll just feature a few first and include links to the others:

    Arkship Exiles Poster

    A thank-you fanart created for Carbine's recent Arkship 2013 event. This was printed as a small poster and given to the devs!

    Excited Aurin

    And this would be my initial reaction to getting that first email about Arkship... ;)

    Other (dated) art pieces:


    Gaius (Original Character)

    Random (Old) WS Sketches (You can tell they're dated since we now know Aurin can't be warriors! ;) )

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  • posted a message on Hiya!

    Hi guys! Finally put together my account over here. Those of you who hang around Wildstar Central probably know me as Evion. :D I've been following Wildstar since it was first announced at Gamescom and I love the community that's been growing. You'll probably see a lot of random fan sketches from me, especially as we get more lore revealed. :D

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    Yay! I think I remember seeing this on Tumblr or DA. I love the painterly style of the piece, and the energy-filled linework! She looks fantastic. :D

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