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    I'm looking for some good F2P games to kill time until some of the games I'm waiting for come out. I play a little bit of everything, but please no more WoW clones... they're boring to me. This is referring to click an eney to auto-attack while hitting 1-0 to use skills.

    I've gotten into games like Vindictus, Firefall, Warframes, C9... So please games that let you control the way your character moves/fights (I like flawless victories). The more to do in them, the better.

    Looking forward to Wildstar, Starbound, Kritika (not in NA yet), Blade and Soul (also not in NA yet), and Core Blaze.

    Edit: Completely unrelated, but this made me laugh http://i.imgur.com/hAw5cIJ.png.

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    Check out Hawken. It's fast paced mech-combat. I think it's all PvP though, no single player stuff. I liked Warframe though, and they've added a ton of more content in the last month or so. 

    Also really looking forward to Starbound. I've even pre-ordered it for the beta access. ;)

    Lastly, Terraria should have it's 1.2 new PC update in the next month or 2. It's gonna be huge! :D

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    Terarria 1.2 seems nice. I still have 1.1.2 on my desktop, but I haven't played it in a long time.

    I've heard of Hawken, but I'm not a fan of straight pvp games. I played Tribes Aerial Assault for longer than I expected, though... so I'll check it out.

    Neverwinter comes out in less than 24 hours, but after reading a little about the beta, I'm thinking it's going to be something I don't play long.

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    Have you tried Path of Exile? I've played a little bit but I liked what I played.

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    I liked it a bit, too. I liked the "no currency" system as well. I couldn't get very into it because I had just quit Diablo 3 and it was too similar... maybe I should try to pick it back up.

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    Tera is a pretty solid game, combat is fun, might be a good game for you to play till WildStar comes out.



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    Played TERA, too slow and repetitive for me. The only class I was able to play to 40 (highest level before i couldn't play any more) was the warrior. I liked it's dodging play style... Which is one of the reasons I think I'll like Wildstar.

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    i've got nothing i've tried every game i can think of they are all shit lol, ffxiv, wildstar and blade and soul will be my salvation or i'm done gaming forever


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    Path of Exile. 


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    Its a good F2P MMO that is in open beta and gets released 20th of june.
    Not that hard, but a very good atmosphere and pretty awesome graphics.
    If you dont mind being "bound" by DnD rules, this game will keep you occupied for a few weeks while you wait for your Wildstar Beta Key :D

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    Well i dont know about f2p, world of tanks?  but there are some very nice p2p games out there for 20-40  The secert world is not bad, eve but its sub., and neverwinter is in open beta


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    If you're looking towards the future and like Blade & Soul... Check out Core Blaze, Yung.

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    Planetside 2 and Tribes Ascend. The end. :o

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