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    PvP Philosophy The Enclave has always taken PvP seriously. Our roots are in competitive gaming and it shows when we PvP. We like to win and do everything it takes to win. Knowledge is just as important as skill to us when it comes to PvP and we do everything we can to ensure that we always remain competitive. In WoW The Enclave fielded multiple 2200+ arena teams and was home to numerous Gladiators. In DAoC we took control of as many territories in the frontiers as possible and did everything we could to push our faction forward towards enemy relics. If the game had PvP we took it seriously. Being a PvP players in The Enclave means you have to keep your character, knowledge and drive current and ahead of the game. PvE Philosophy PvE is an important aspect of any MMORPG and we take it just as seriously as we do PvP. While we're not hardcore to the point of striving for world first progression we do strive to do the content and do it correctly. We seek out and bring people to raids who show interest and skill and never force members to PvE if they're not interested. Being successful at PvE often means your guild is successful at PvP which is why we strive to do well in both aspects. Being a PvE player in The Enclave means that you have the time, desire, commitment and skill to meet and overcome the challenges of high end raiding.
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    Torch82 Reporting for duty.

    Imagine over your history of gaming, how many guilds, clans, etc. have you been a member of? Where are they now? Can you even remember their names or accomplishments? 

    Why not join a gaming community with over a decade of dominance in the same games you've most likely played?

    If you're serious about gaming , you seriously owe it to yourself to join The Enclave. It's time to elevate your game.

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    HotShot reporting in!!

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    Reporting in.

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    Joined TE in October 2012.  Best group of people I think I have ever joined up with for gaming.  Friendly group of people, with a good sense of humor.  Best of all:  TE gets stuff done.

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    Hellkite checking in

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    The finest online gaming experience you could ask for.  

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    Great bunch of gamers, joined up with them in Planetside 2 and am having an excellent time with them.  We're organized, fun, and will be heading straight to top.  Come join us and take it to the next level. 

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    Heavyarms reporting in!
    I have only ran with this group since PS2 and I have never seen so many people not know what they were talking about when it comes to TE. Buzz and his group have to be one of the most organized groups I have ever had the joy of playing with. Victory is our tradition! Others run then they hear our name.

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    Ragon's here, ready do entertain the hell out of everyone.

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    Oddinary here. Let's do this!

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    SirBobington reporting in.  Joined The Enclave about half a year ago.

    Can't imagine being anywhere else; fun mandatory.

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    The Enclave is awesome I've play'd  a few games with these bros and Its always a great experience. <3

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    I've moved through multiple games with this group. Endless other guilds have tried to tell me that they were a better fit for me, but it has never come close to being true.

    The leadership is unsurpassed. 
    The grunts are loyal beyond reason.
    They're all fun as hell to play the game with.

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    I mean c'mon... if a community can survive the entirety of WoW, you know it is a dedicated group!

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    Best experience I have ever had in my gaming career.

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    Does the guild you're in grow as fast as you? Come join a bunch that you can work with rather than wait for.

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    Join The Enclave today, you won't regret it.

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    Been with [TE] for 10 years. No regrets.

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    Been with The Enclave  only a few months and all I can say is that it is a tight community of fun people.

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