Wildstar Australia - Oceanic Raiding / PvP Guild

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    Wildstar Australia is an oceanic gaming community that plans to have both a Dominion and Exiles guild. We will kick ass and make a name for ourselves across Nexus.We will be choosing officers from the community based on participation over the next few months up until launch.

    Our community has a range of gamers with different playstyles. Most of us started in vanilla Warcraft back in 2004 and since then have played a range of games in the MMO genre. Our core focus will be endgame raiding (40 mans ftw) and guild organised PvP matches.

    We already have a Teamspeak server and our very own radio station (request those hard ass tunes to grind out raid bosses too.)

    Our goal is to be the premier oceanic guild and community within Wildstar. Our website has only just been created and we were lucky enough to get the wildstar-online.com.au domain.

    The Wildstar Australia community is still growing and we are relying on our members to tell us what kind of community they want.

    What are you waiting for Cupcake?
    Head over to Wildstar Australia and signup today!

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    Hope you guys don't mind me hijacking your site to promote the oceanic community. We need more people involved and get more awareness to oceanic players that there's plenty of us out there and coming together into one place to work together and form guilds is the best way to ensure we all have fun and can play with those in our timezone.

    Come join, one and all, there's plenty of room and the beer is only slightly warm...

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    Welcome to the forums! :D

    Contribute to the WildStar WIki Today! Download Addons on Curse.com Host Your Addons on CurseForge                                     

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