Order of Divinity: A Family Friendly Exile Guild!

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    We are currently recruiting friendly players and leaders! We are on the server Pergo (PvP). We are a guild focused on progression in PvE, competitiveness in PvP, and creativity in RP. If you are looking for a positive and accomplished gaming experience for Wildstar, Order of Divinity just might be the guild you're looking for!

    Recent statements about Order of Divinity:

    "I've only been a member of OoD for about a day, but the members have already made me feel very welcome, and appreciated. I am even more excited to step into a new game with this group of people."
    "I'm already telling my friends to get signed up on the forums and to get involved with this guild. A lot of folks will be looking for exactly this kind of gaming experience."
    "I'm new to the forums, and still looking around, but as of now your thread is the one I am most impressed with. It's very likely I'll be swinging back over here."
    "I don't see any other guild putting such a heavy emphasis on friendship and positive community."
    "We want to create an enjoyable environment where everyone can be friends and get along."
    "Great group of people and it took all of 5 minutes to feel like a part of the group. Looking forward to diving into this game with all of you."
    Visit our website HERE!


    FRIENDSHIPFirst and most importantly, Order of Divinity is a guild built on the foundations of friendship. If you told me the most fun you have ever had playing a video game, I would bet that it involved playing with close friends. Community is important in gaming. It gives your gaming experience purpose and direction. The members of this guild will be devoted to friendship, both in the deepening of current friendships and discovering new friends. We are in this together. What we accomplish, we will accomplish together.

    True friendship isn't simply virtual. We strongly believe that in order for us to truly be friends, we must know a little bit about each other. You are not permitted to stalk your guild mates, but you are encouraged to be friends with them beyond the boundaries of a video game.

    MORALITY-Members of Order of Divinity will be morally respectable. Morality isn't just about avoiding things that are wrong. It is about embracing what is right. One of the staples of Order of Divinity is the kind, generous, and respectful attitudes of it's guild members. In becoming a member of this guild, you are required to act in a way that is morally reputable.

    You may not use or type vulgar, sexual, or offensive language in guild chat, voice chat, or in the guild forums. You also may not post, link, or embed vulgar or offensive materials in the forums. This is a family-friendly guild. Please keep all content and language "G-Rated." Please don't test the lines on this issue. The guild leadership has been instructed to be intentional about maintaining a family friendly environment for everyone in our guild.

    To put it bluntly: If you are looking for a place to use every type of vulgar, sexual, and obscene language under the sun, this isn't the guild for you. However, if you are looking for the most positive and encouraging gaming community in Wildstar, Order of Divinity is the guild for you!

    RESPECT-If you have been in a guild before, you have likely experienced what happens when people have a lack of respect for others. Our guild will not survive or be successful without respectful members. If you are to become a member of Order of Divinity, you will be expected to show caring respect for your guild mates and the guild leadership.

    When a member in the guild becomes disrespectful, offensive, vulgar, abusive, or insulting to another guild member, the guild leadership will take action to solve the issue, even if it means removing someone from the guild. Please treat others the way that you desire to be treated! This also applies to the way you treat non-guild members in the game.

    CONTRIBUTION-All members are highly encouraged to regularly check and post on these forums. The success of our guild will be directly linked with how much each guild member contributes. The simplest way to contribute to the guild is by sharing your thoughts on the guild forums and in guild chat. You can also help guild mates in-game. A few members might decide to contribute in a leadership role. Either way, contribution is vital for a strong guild.

    Order of Divinity is not a guild for spectators. Check the forums and post new threads. Share your thoughts. Interact with your guild mates in guild chat and Ventrilo. We aren't looking for people who stand on the sidelines. This doesn't mean that introverted personalities won't feel comfortable in our guild, it simply means that the more active and contributive guild members we have in Order of Divinity, the more enjoyable Wildstar will be for all of us.

    Please PM me, or respond to this thread with any questions!

    Check out our website here!

    Thanks for your interest in Order of Divinity!

    OoD Guild Master,

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    Glad to introduce the newest member to the Order, Mider! Glad to have you aboard bud!

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    Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you!

    Contribute to the WildStar WIki Today! Download Addons on Curse.com Host Your Addons on CurseForge                                     

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    Quote from ahamling27 »

    Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Glad to be here as well!

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    I am a member of OoD and I can vouch for there quality. Everything is done in a respectful manner and it is highly based on respect and friendship. I have helped and been helped by many members on a personal and gaming level. Definitely a place to look for when joining a guild. Look forward to having any new members join us!

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    Looking forward to getting into the beta!

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    Please help us welcome our 3 newest members to the Order! Goldeneyz, Jurreqqe, and scorpiolord33!

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    Please welcome our 2 newest members Valiant and his wife Rozee!

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    So glad to have a release date! June 3rd can't get here soon enough!

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    Now that Winter Beta is over, gotta get ready to hop back in with the beta weekends! If anyone is looking for a guild to join, then look no further!

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    Please help me welcome our newest member to the Order, Toren!

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    Please help welcome our newest member, Mortiss!

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    I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.  What timezone do you play in?  Also I noticed via your website that you used to play swtor and a few other games, so I'm wondering what sort of raiding times and days per week you normally run with?  I only ask because I am limited to what hours I play due to my summertime working hours and want to find the right guild for me.


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    Quote from Venrith »


    I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.  What timezone do you play in?  Also I noticed via your website that you used to play swtor and a few other games, so I'm wondering what sort of raiding times and days per week you normally run with?  I only ask because I am limited to what hours I play due to my summertime working hours and want to find the right guild for me.


    Hey, glad to see you're interested in joining us!

    As for your questions, we don't have a timezone that we adhere to. We have members from all over North America, and some in Europe as well. For our raiding times, we generally will be running on Friday and Saturday Night around 8-9 CST. That being said, we will always try to accommodate everyone who joins, so you may occasionally, see a guild earlier in the day on random days. Hope that helps and looking forward to talking more with you soon!

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    Having a bunch of fun in this weekends beta! Can't wait to do some dungeon runs!

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    This is a great time to join while we're gearing up for release! Check us out!

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    Had a lot of fun working on our guild video yesterday! If any of you are looking for a great guild for launch, look no further!

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    The beta weekend was just the beginning! Check out our guild if you want to be apart of the best and friendliest community out there!

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    Beta weekend was a blast, can't wait for the next one. I highly recommend checking the guild out if you want to be a part of a great gaming community.

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    Excited about the extra beta weekend! Looking for a great guild to join for beta and beyond? Look no further!

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